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Advance Case Design

A custom plan to fit your specific needs.


Continual mentorship sessions on evolving your practice, complex products and case assessment.


Expertise to ensure cases are correctly positioned with the right carriers.


Expertise to ensure cases are correctly positioned with the right carriers.


Learn how your peers are growing their life practices in today’s competitive market.


Utilize four separate independent Broker General Agents to review client cases to insure best practices.


Practical expertise in creating working partnerships with professionals in various fields.


Advanced, custom tailored materials created to fit your needs.

Our success depends on three key factors:

Relationship Management

The first step in building a strong foundation for agents, advisors and clients is to first assess the needs, strengths and goals of all involved.  Our vast professional network and available products, though helpful, are meaningless without first having the understanding of where we are and where we are trying to get to.


Case Study

Drawing from decades of combined practical expertise in both the insurance and wealth management fields, we have the ability to break-down not only the requisite insurance, but to also dig deeper to ensure that the entire client plan is cohesive and seamless.  From Portfolio management and optimization to complex estate and trust planning.  From standard life insurance to more complicated and specialized solutions we are truly a one stop shop for clients, agents and advisors alike.


From start to finish and beyond.  From case design, preparing the application, ordering of records and monitoring underwriting and requirements.  From initial consult to day the policy is delivered, we do not get paid until our advisors get paid. We work hand in hand with agents, advisors, administrative assistants and clients until every exacting piece of the puzzle is in place and the client is protected.

Our Mission:

Strategic Insurance Group is a full service, boutique life insurance general agency. We partner with financial professionals in two distinct ways.  First, to grow their business by connecting them to a variety of carriers, products, and services to efficiently incorporate life insurance to their clients’ financial plans. Second, we provide unbiased assistance and expertise to fill-in any gaps to ensure that both professionals and clients alike are receiving the best service possible.  This includes connections and referrals to Agents, specialists, advisors, bankers, lawyers, trust companies and fiduciaries.  By concentrating our efforts on life insurance distribution, we are uniquely positioned to constantly monitor trends in the life insurance industry for the benefit of the client.  And by offering our extensive network of professionals and referral services we make it easy to get your clients the services they require.

Our Process:


Quick Quoting System

With our access to four large and prestigious Broker General Agent firms with hundreds of years of combined experience in the industry and relationships with all our life insurance carriers we are able to provide quick turnaround time in underwriting on basic client impairments. When provided with the impairments that clients have, we will be able to preliminarily quote all carriers to see what they would look like in underwriting on a formal application for the client. This process does not involve any medical records that would be obtained but only basic information obtained from Field Underwriting by the agent. This process allows us to provide the best direction in choice of carrier on a specific case for the client.

The informal process allows us to set up an exam and order a client’s medical records and shop the entire market to find the most aggressive carrier and the best possible underwriting ratings possible for a client before ever taking a formal application. The informal underwriting process is usually reserved for cases over $10,000 in target premium – exceptions can be made for special circumstances.


Informal Applications

Our Niche:  We are here to serve professionals.  Though client direct services are made available, our focus is to ensure that other financial professionals from across the spectrum of the industry, insurance agents, estate planning attorneys, trust companies and financial advisors and CPA’s are taken care of.  We provide all the missing links to ensure that a client’s professional team is complete and sound.

Core Carriers

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